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Very tired – at Biggar, just had dinner. Long day tomorrow but looking forward to meeting up with my sister Mairi at Pitlochry who will join us for the rest of the ride to Aviemore, should be a great day.

Today was fairly hard but mostly enjoyable – haven’t the time or energy to write up more stuff from the last few days as am totally wiped out.

Thank you all very much for the support though as it really has kept me going on the ride.


One from the road…

We were off early this morning from Land’s End – too tired for a full write up but we covered 154-157 miles depending on which bike computer you believed.

We crossed Cornwall and Devon, finally finishing for the day in Taunton Somerset. I finished in good shape but the tiredness has hit me now and I’m how quickly the aches and pains will return tomorrow (I’m a bit sunburned too).

Tomorrow sees us on our way into the midlands taking us all the way to Telford.


I’m an idiot, so I now have some lovely red chafe marks on my legs, even before I start the ride – after the photoshoot yesterday morning I visited Tate Modern with Charlotte then went back to work.

Foolishly, in the interests of getting back to work quickly I put on trousers over my cycling shorts, which were fine at first. They became less comfortable throughout the day – by the time I realised that they were properly painful, it was time to ride home. Oops.

They are still a bit red this morning but not too bad, it just shows how dumb I can be though.

I’m finally all packed (as of two minutes ago). I think. I did rationalise a bit this morning and worked out that I didn’t really need to take five different books with me, when did I think I was going to get the time to read them?

I set off for Watford Junction shortly (with Bryony), where I will meet up with the team for the long drive to Land’s End.

Wish me luck.

PS, I watched the final episode of the final series of Battlestar Galactica last night, the series was fantastic, but the end was very, very bad. I won’t add spoilers but I can’t believe how monumentally lame it was.

Progress so far

Hi all

With just over a week to go before the start of my attempt at ‘The Race Against Time’ (TRAT), thanks to all of you I’m already nearly half way to the £2,000 total that I need to raise! This has been through a combination of online donations, offline fundraising and pledges so far).

Thank you very much to all those who have donated, given their time to support me and helped publicise the event on the internet.

It all helps motivate me to get out and train and (hopefully) to complete the event.

For those who haven’t sponsored me yet or would still like to, please click on the ‘Sponsor me’ link on the right hand side of this page to be redirected to my JustGiving site.

The Auction page has been updated this morning and has some details on the goods and services already donated for us to auction, any further donations are very welcome!

Don’t forget that the Medieval Barbecue and charity auction is in Kingston on 1st August, and more details can be found on the ‘About’ Page. Check in early next week for photos and an account of the last Medieval BBQ (it’s worth looking in just to see the fire breathing and fire juggling photographs).

The other important side of preparations is getting me ready for the ride, I think I’m mostly there – my bike has new tyres and brake blocks (and a grown up is going to look over it just after this weekend to make sure it’s in perfect working order).

I do my last two proper training sessions at the weekend – a group ride in Richmond Park on Saturday and then a club run in the Surrey Hills on Sunday.

Finally, if you would like to be added to my TRAT update list, please send your email address to ihtrat at googlemail dot com and I will send out updates throughout the ride as and when I am able. This is an email address created specifically for my TRAT ride in 2009 and I will not share your email address with any third party.

Best wishes,