Monthly Archives: September 2009

Fundraising complete!

Yesterday the date I set on my Justgiving page for accepting TRAT donations expired. By this time, online and offline, people had donated over £2,700 in support of my ride, helping raise over £17,000 for the Bishop Simeon Trust overall throughout TRAT.

A special thank you once more to all of you who donated time, money and items for the charity auction, it all helped. I remember early in the process that I had strong doubts that we would ever get to the total, so I was suprised and humbled that you all helped Bryony and I exceed the sponsorship target by so much.

I have a video taken of me just before the charity auction started that goes in to more detail about the charity and my thanks. I’ll upload it as soon as I work out how to make MS Vista let me.

I’ll also get my account of the ride written up soon. Sometimes it feels like it happened years ago, other times like I’m still on it. It’s odd. Every time I ride past a layby I still look for the support van and Charlotte and Howard cheering me on.