More on where your money goes

Here are some details on another of the kind of project that TRAT helps fund.

The Kwasa Centre

The Kwasa Centre provides 126 children aged 2 – 6 years from the Vukuzenzele informal settlement 2 kilometres away with pre-school education. All the children live in shacks, where there is no electricity, and no water borne toilets. The 20,000 people who live in Vukuzenzele share just five water taps. Local primary and high schools are 12 – 15 kilometres away. The nearest clinic is 15 kilometres away. Unemployment is very high in the settlement, and parents are very poor.

The Kwasa Centre is based in the buildings of a former mining clinic, and the local priest, Archdeacon Sharron Dinnie, has worked tirelessly to raise funds for new classrooms to be added, and most recently, a multi-media centre for older children (see below). Some of the land has also been purchased and turned into a huge vegetable garden, to provide nutritious food for the children, who are given breakfast, lunch and refreshments. They are also provided with clothing out of donations received from various donors. The little children are transported to and from the settlement to the Kwasa Centre. The older children walk.

The Kwasa Centre also provides around 60 primary and high school pupils from the settlement with after-school care i.e. volunteers supervise the children’s homework, they are provided with a solid meal and play organised sports and games. Recently, out of 40 children tested for TB, 10 were HIV positive. Several of the children are HIV positive and some of these are on Anti Retroviral drugs (ARVs). Two Kwasa Centre pre-school choirs this year walked away from the Springs Choir Festival with top awards for their singing. Several of the children who have graduated to primary school are doing particularly well. One little girl is top of her class. The Kwasa Centre is looking at further developing its skills development programme to include helping people from the community to read and write. The project has drawn up a Constitution and has applied for registration as a Non Profit Organisation. Once this is through it hopes to apply for Government funding.


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