Morning ride

Part of my current training routine is the four lap club ride round Richmond Park every Saturday morning (approximately 28 miles, not including the trip to and) from home.

This morning was a bit different – as the club president is emigrating to Australia the club rode round a lap of the park as one big group (just under 100 riders was the estimate) with a police and parks vehicle escort.

I suspect that it was the slowest lap some of those riders have done for a while, I was near the back and it was great to see the long line snaking ahead of me through the park.

The group rides didn’t really happen after that (at least not at my level) so I did another lap and a bit with Peter from my work and Rupert who is staying over this weekend. The weather was a bit rotten, you shouldn’t need overshoes in June.

I’m still getting used to the new bike setup – my knees are definitely in tighter than before and I seem to have a little more power, although I don’t know if that’s just because I have had a few days off the bike and am rested. It certainly seems more comfortable which will be good on the long rides.


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