TRAT Fundraising, by the Campaign Manager

(From Bryony)

I’m Bryony, Iain’s partner, and I’ve been charged with raising the bulk of the funds for his ride. We need to raise a minimum of £2000 and I’ve been working on the campaign for a couple of months now.

I’ve been approaching companies about possible corporate donations, and offering something rather unusual in exchange: a show by Medieval Fight Club, Iain’s history show which he puts on with Andy, a fellow medieval languages and history enthusiast, which is aimed at getting people interested in the subject in a fun way and giving people a chance to try swordfighting. So far a couple of companies have expressed interest, but there are no confirmed bookings to date. If you’d like Medieval Fight Club to come to your company summer party, or to adapt an event for your customers or clients, get in touch!

Several companies have already been very generous with donations of goods and services, and we’re going to hold an auction on 1st August to get the best prices for the items we’ve been given. So far, these include restaurant vouchers from Nandos, a microscooter from Putney Cycles, books from Murdoch Books and a taxi ride from GreenTomatoCars. We’ve found a brilliant auctioneer and an appeal has just gone out for more donations. They don’t just have to be from companies – if you have something lovely or useful which you’ve been meaning to take to a charity shop, why not donate it to us instead? I’ve selling my rollerblades (size 5) complete with wrist-protecting gloves,  so please have a think if there is anything you can spare us which can be sold for this excellent cause. Keep an eye on the Auction page which will be kept up-to-date with the items donated so far, and the reserve prices.

If you are inspired to join in with helping us fundraise, please read the ‘About’ page for full details of how you can spread the word via email, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, groups or clubs you attend, workplaces and so on. All suggestions for getting the word out there, especially creative ones, are welcome.

So far we’re about a quarter of the way to the target, and the anonymous donation of £200 is both gobsmacking, extremely generous and very, very welcome. Our thanks go out to you, as well as to all the others who have donated so far and who plan to help in whatever way you can!

Iain adds: I would like to thank everyone that has donated so far too – well over a quarter of the way to our total already – I can’t thank you enough.


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