Hooray for chocolate milk!

About a year ago I got told of a scientific study that accidentally proved that chocolate milk is better for you than most ‘sports’ drinks.

The story was that research was being done into the efficacy of various branded recovery and energy drinks (some of which are very expensive). Chocolate milk was one control substance used but the research showed that the chocolate milk was as good or better than most of the sports drinks. It was a nice story, I liked it but thought it might be made up.

Happily, it’s a true story! Yay for chocolate milk!



2 responses to “Hooray for chocolate milk!

  1. ha ha – that’s ALL I need to know to buy nothing except chocolate milk for after my commute home!

  2. It’s true! This news was even better though:


    All they need to do now is prove that beer is a health drink.

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