Fitting session

I’ve got a free bike fitting session later today, courtesy of Putney Cycles – I’ve got some pain in my hands and can’t seem to settle into a position on the bike that alleviates it. I’ve recently lowered my saddle a bit more and this seems to have eliminated a bit of knee pain I was experiencing but the hands still hurt, I suspect it’s my posture more than anything.

On long rides this leads to a bit of numbness, which is bad – after these rides there is numbness in two fingers on my right hand that stays with me up to two days after a long ride. Considering the long hours in the saddle required by TRAT, I need to sort this out now as it might become a problem.

With that in mind I rang Putney Cycles, my local bike shop as I have always had good advice from Simon there on various bike issues (they are a very supportive shop and offer good advice to lots of different types of cyclist).

As luck would have it, they are currently preparing to offer a dedicated rider-to-bike fitting service and offered me a free trial (I think the service is under the umbrella of Specialized’s Body Geometry programme). This is a similar service to that provided by Cyclefit and normally costs between £150-£200 – all good bike shops will try and get a good ‘fit’ for you on your bike before you leave the shop but this is on another level and involves a lot of measurements, incremental changes and thorough consideration of your body position – I’ll report back on how it goes and what difference it makes.


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