A word from your sponsee…

When I rode from John o’ Groats to Land’s End last year (in just over 12 days), I put up a justgiving page for the RNLI, simply due to the amount of people that asked me if they could donate to a sponsor.

People were very generous and I raised over £600 without really pursuing the fundraising side of things (thank you again to those who donated and/or supported me on the ride). Despite this, I did think long and hard before entering a charity event again so soon.

Firstly because it’s only just over a year since the last big ride but secondly because these things seem to come round all the time now. You’re constantly being asked to donate funds for something and it’s very rare that they aren’t worthy causes. They are often challenging events too, one person’s 5k run can be as challenging as anothers London to Paris bike ride. It’s hard for people to say no but I understand that people only have so much to give whether it be their time, their personal support or their money (and of course things should be worth doing in and of themselves).

So bearing in mind that I am asking for your support I want to reassure you of a couple of things.

1. It’s a great cause and worthy of your support if you choose to do so. I’ll be mentioning the Bishop Simeon Trust from time to time throughout the blog and letting you know who they are and what they do. If you want to read up yourself, follow the links on this blog for more information.

2. You aren’t paying for my holiday. I’ve seen some sponsorship challenges and they read like jollies that people should be paying for themselves rather than asking other people to fund. Some of these events are very poor in terms of funds going to the charity too.

While I will hopefully enjoy TRAT (most likely very long after the fact) it’s going to be a gruelling endurance event that will challenge me to the utmost. All of the people involved in riding and supporting the event are donating their time for free (some of those supporting the event are putting in significantly more personal time than those riding it). All costs have been met in advance – from the riders themselves and from a corporate sponsor. So please be assured that whatever you give, it’s going directly to support the charity and its work, not to keep me in cereal bars and chocolate milk.

3. I’m committing here to not asking people to sponsor me for charity ever again after this. Not because I don’t believe you would help, more because I feel there are only so many times you can go to people and ask them for such help. I may well undertake even longer rides than this one day but I’ll be doing it just to ride, not to ask you to support a charity.

On this blog I’ll share stories of previous rides I have done and some of the photographs taken along the way, hopefully some of these will be entertaining enough to repay you at least in part for whatever you are able to donate.

Thanks once more for visiting.



2 responses to “A word from your sponsee…

  1. Ok, you now have a blog I can pimp. Awesome. We’ll be following the ride with interest!!

    And, of course, sponsorship money is on the way.

    • Hurrah! Pimp my blog! (and thank you).

      If I had had any idea how easy to use and flexible the wordpress format is, I would have started using one ages ago. Widgets are great.

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